lundi 6 février 2012

it's gonna be ♥ Me ♥

Not time to waste .... it's gonna be me her I came again, you see ! in love ♥

l'amour c'est beau c'est merveilleux, c'est ta vie elle me dit tu es trop nul tu fait n'importe quoi !! pourquoi tu gâche ta vie ?..? it's emotionel !

- she♥ tell me back my soul please ! never fail ! again !;!?.

- not words undercover between us my love♥, she tell me you can love me but you can't touch me because you are so weak !:;,n,

- i said if I want it's my heart or if I don't it's other hurt.

- you part of me like à tattoo ! my heart

- what you done to my !!!!!?.??..?./

- craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy !!!./...???/.

_ it's love♥ without handle it.

♥love peace .... ♥love forgiveness ! beauty ♥Queen♥